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Surrey Morphological Complexity Database

This database records examples of what we have identified as morphological complexity, which we define as the morphologically-conditioned deviation between inflectional forms and the inflectional features they realize. This is manifested both within the paradigm (e.g. as syncretism or patterns of stem alternation) and across sets of lexemes (as inflection classes and lexically-conditioned allomorphy). Languages are presented in terms of the Ethnologue family classification.

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Baerman, Matthew, Dunstan Brown, Roger Evans, Greville G. Corbett, Lynne Cahill & Sacha Beniamine. 2023. Surrey Morphological Complexity Database. University of Surrey.

This work is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0


The database was created for the project 'Morphological complexity: Typology as a tool for delineating cognitive organization', funded by the European Research Council under grant number 230268. This support is gratefully acknowledged.



Creators: Baerman, Matthew; Brown, Dunstan; Evans, Roger; Corbett, Greville G.; Cahill, Lynne; Sacha Beniamine

Title: Surrey Morphological Complexity Database

Publisher: University of Surrey

Year: 2023