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Grammatical features

Below is a list of some of the features included in the database.

Feature Term
Abessive abess
Ablative abl
Absolutive abs
Accusative acc
Active act
Adessive ades
Agentive agent
Allative all
Animate anim
Anterior ant
Aorist aor
Applicative appl
Base form base
Benefactive ben
Causative caus
Cislocative cisloc
Converb cvb
Dative dat
Definite def
Dual number du
Durative dur
Elative elat
Ergative erg
Feminine f
First person 1
First person exclusive 1ex
First person inclusive 1inc
Frustrative frust
Future fut
Gender gend
Genitive gen
Hortative hort
Human hum
Imperative imp
Impersonal impers
Inanimate inan
Inessive iness
Infinitive inf
Instrumental ins
Irrealis irr
Jussive juss
Locative loc
Masculine m
Negative neg
Neuter n
Nominative nom
Passive pass
Past pst
Perfect prf
Perfective pfv
Plural number pl
Possessed pos
Possessed paradigm/Transitive Paradigm >
Present prs
Prohibitive prohib
Realis real
Reflexive refl
Second person 2
Singular number sg
Subject sbj
Third person 3
Transitive paradigm/Possessed Paradigm >
Trial tri
Vocative voc