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Nouns table

gloss layer sg pl
bird lexeme shiyojua shuhua
bird suffix yojua hua
black mushroom lexeme surususuru surususuhua
black mushroom suffix ru hua
chief lexeme jiyaniijia jiyaniijianucua
chief suffix zero nucua
child lexeme mueya muerasu
child suffix ya rasu
cloth lexeme shiyaru shiyarucua
cloth suffix zero cua
fly lexeme nerojua nerohua
fly suffix jua hua
forest lexeme naana nacuhua
forest suffix na cuhua
fruit lexeme nosutaca nosuna
fruit suffix taca na
girl lexeme niyacoo niyacoojori
girl suffix zero jori
group lexeme maanu maapue
group suffix nu pue
hard round thing lexeme cumatacurujuajau cumatacurujuaaca
hard round thing suffix jau aca
house lexeme tia tiaca
house suffix zero ca
large toucan lexeme shiyoquee shiyoqueya
large toucan suffix e ya
larva lexeme cusoriiniu cusoriya
larva suffix iniu ya
lizard lexeme naaqueru naaqueya
lizard suffix ru ya
man lexeme caya canuu
man suffix ya nuu
mosquito lexeme naasu naa
mosquito suffix su zero
moth lexeme susunu susu
moth suffix nu zero
mother lexeme nucua nuhuocuaca
mother suffix zero cuaca
muscle lexeme shiyonu shiyonuna
muscle suffix zero na
peccary lexeme nutaru nutaa
peccary suffix ru aa
rubber tree lexeme cusotu cusotujua
rubber tree suffix zero jua
star lexeme rijia riya
star suffix jia ya
stone lexeme saajia sai
stone suffix jia zero
thing lexeme casaa casami
thing suffix a mi
type of ant lexeme nai naaquiapue
type of ant suffix i aquiapue
type of bird 1 lexeme shii shiipi
type of bird 1 suffix zero pi
type of bird 2 lexeme suunu suunupue
type of bird 2 suffix zero pue
type of bird 3 lexeme shiyasa shiyasaa
type of bird 3 suffix zero a
type of fruit lexeme coorniajaca coorniajariquia
type of fruit suffix ca riquia
type of palm lexeme shonaja sho
type of palm suffix naja zero
type of palm fiber lexeme shiquiamue shiquia
type of palm fiber suffix mue zero
white mushroom lexeme neretu nereya
white mushroom suffix tu ya
wing lexeme nesu nesuhua
wing suffix zero hua
woman lexeme maaji maajipohua
woman suffix zero pohua

Arabela notes

  • The singular ~ plural noun pairs in the database are those given in the grammatical sketch in Rich's (1999) dictionary. The dictionary itself contains several hundred entries which show singular ~ plural pairs. We have not reviewed all the entries, but an exploratory examination of the first 65 entries, 35 had corresponding singular ~ plural inflection; the discrepancy comes largely in the combination of singular and plural suffixes and not the suffixes themselves (around 10 new suffixes in the singular and plural emerged from this survey). Clearly a closer study is needed, in particular w.r.t. the classifier system, and to verbal morphology (as some nouns are deverbal).


Rich, Rolland. 1999. Diccionario Arabela-Castellano. (Serie Lingüística Peruana, 49.) Serie Lingüística Peruana. Lima, Peru: Instituto Lingüístico de Verano.