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Agr clitics table

gloss layer 1 sg 2 sg 3 sg m 3 sg f 1 incl pl opt1 1 incl pl opt2 1 pl 2 pl opt1 2 pl opt2 3 pl m 3 pl f
declarative clitic il im izh il trum izh il truk izh izh izh
interrogative clitic it im it it trum it it truk it it it

Verbs table

gloss layer prs absolute 1 sg prs absolute 2 sg prs absolute 3 sg m prs absolute 3 sg f prs absolute 1incl pl prs absolute 1 pl prs absolute 2 pl prs absolute 3 pl m prs absolute 3 pl f prs hab 1 sg prs hab 2 sg prs hab 3 sg m prs hab 3 sg f prs hab 1incl pl prs hab 1 pl prs hab 2 pl prs hab 3 pl m prs hab 3 pl f pst impfv 1 sg pst impfv 2 sg pst impfv 3 sg m pst impfv 3 sg f pst impfv 1incl pl pst impfv 1 pl pst impfv 2 pl pst impfv 3 pl m pst impfv 3 pl f pst pfv 1 sg pst pfv 2 sg pst pfv 3 sg m pst pfv 3 sg f pst pfv 1incl pl pst pfv 1 pl pst pfv 2 pl pst pfv 3 pl m pst pfv 3 pl f fut 1 sg fut 2 sg fut 3 sg m fut 3 sg f fut 1incl pl fut 1 pl fut 2 pl fut 3 pl m fut 3 pl f
eat lexeme lulutra lultra lultra lultra lultra lulutra lultra lultra lultra luliñtra lulñamtra lulñitra luliñtra luliñntrumtra luliñtra lulñimtruktra lulñitra lulñitra lulatutra lulatra lulatra lulatra lulatra lulatutra lulatra lulatra lulatra lulchintra lulchamtra lulchitra lulchintra lulchintrumtra lulchintra lulchimtruktra lulchitra lulchitra lulatra lulakitra lulakitra lulakitra lulakitra lulatra lulakitra lulakitra lulakitra
eat suffix 2 u zero zero zero zero u zero zero zero ñam ñi iñntrum ñimtruk ñi ñi tu zero zero zero zero tu zero zero zero in am i in intrum in imtruk i i zero ki ki ki ki zero ki ki ki
eat suffix 1 zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero ñam ñi iñntrum ñimtruk ñi ñi a a a a a a a a a ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch a a a a a a a a a

Chipaya notes

The declarative and interrogative enclitics are optional, and can dock onto various constituents. Cerrón-Palomino (2006: 172-75) states that they their function is to establish a relationship of concord between the subject and whatever element it's suffixed too.


Cerrón-Palomino, Rodolfo. 2006. El chipaya o la lengua de los hombres del agua. Lima: Pontificia Univ. Católica del Perú.