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Possessed nouns table

gloss layer 1 2 sg 3 2 pl
husband lexeme nöbö nöbönaŋ nöbönŋ nöbönŋ
man's sister lexeme mölöw nölöwnaŋ nölöwnŋ nölöwnŋ
mother lexeme mam namnaŋ nwömnŋ nwömnŋ
husband suffix zero naŋ
man's sister suffix zero naŋ
mother suffix zero naŋ
husband stem #stem #stem #stem #stem
man's sister stem #stem1 #stem2 #stem2 #stem2
mother stem #stem1 #stem2 #stem3 #stem3

Verbs table

gloss layer 1 sg prs 2 sg prs 3 sg prs 1 pl prs 2 pl prs 3 pl prs 1 sg pst 2 sg pst 3 sg pst 1 pl pst 2 pl pst 3 pl pst 1 sg fut 2 sg fut 3 sg fut 1 pl fut 2 pl fut 3 pl fut
hit suffix wl wlö w wöl wöy wöy wm wmö wöŋ wmŋ wm̃ wm̃ yn ynö yön ynŋ yöñ yöñ
hit lexeme payna paynŋa

Haruai notes


  • The verb forms illustrated here contain the final declarative suffix -a.


  • Only kin terms take morphologically distinct possessed forms.


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