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Auxiliary table

gloss layer 1 sg prs 2 sg prs 3 sg prs 1incl du prs 2 du prs 1 pl prs 2 pl prs 3 pl prs 1 sg pst 2 sg pst 3 sg pst 1incl du pst 2 du pst 1 pl pst 2 pl pst 3 pl pst 1 sg fut 2 sg fut 3 sg fut 1incl du fut 2 du fut 1 pl fut 2 pl fut 3 pl fut
aux lexeme amp ap omp emp ep omp ap ap namp nap nomp nemp nep nomp nap nap nanamp nanap nanomp ninemp ninep mwanomp mwanap mwanap
aux prefix am a om em e om a a nam na nom nem ne nom na na nanam nana nanom ninem nine mwanom mwana mwana

Karkar-Yuri notes

  • A verb stem by itself has a past completive interpretation; other tense-aspect meanings require the use of the auxiliary.
  • The existing description is fragmentary, so it is not clear whether or not there are other relevant phenomena in this language (or language family).


Rigden, Veda. 1986. Karkar-Yuri grammar cohesion referentials. Ms, SIL. Online: