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Verbs table

gloss stem phonology layer 1 sg 2 3 sg m 3 sg f 1 pl 3 pl
agree V-initial lexeme tisil nisil yisil misil pisil misil
hold C-initial monosyllabic lexeme tpol npol ypol mpol ppol 1mpol
refuse C-initial polysyllabic lexeme xawe xawe xawe xawe xawe xawe
vomit C-initial monosyllabic lexeme tom tom tom tom tom tom
agree V-initial prefix t n y m p m
hold C-initial monosyllabic prefix t n y m p m
refuse C-initial polysyllabic prefix zero zero zero zero zero zero
vomit C-initial monosyllabic prefix zero zero zero zero zero zero

Maybrat notes

  • Verbs (and possessed nouns too) either take pronominal prefixes (subject or possessor) or lack them. This is largely predictable by stem phonology:

    • V-initial stems take prefixes.
    • C-initial monosyllabic stems take prefixes; this includes stems with a sequence of two vowels, which may be realized either as two syllables, or as one, with reduction of one of the vowels.

    But some monosyllabic stems, apparently lexically specified, fail to take prefixes. - Dol (1999) distinguishes masculine (male animates) and unmarked gender. The latter is termed 'feminine' here, as this seems the more standard nomenclature.


Dol, Philomena. 1999. A Grammar of Maybrat: A Language of the Bird's Head, Irian Jaya. PhD thesis, Leiden University.