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Nouns table

gloss layer sg pl
bird affix zero zero
bird lexeme maːmaːti maːmaːmti
bird stem #stem #redup
canoe affix zero <Vy̓>
canoe lexeme č̓apac č̓ay̓aːpac
canoe stem #stem #long
father affix zero zero
father lexeme n̓uw̓iːqsu n̓un̓uːw̓iqsu
father stem #stem #redup-long
fish affix zero <t>
fish lexeme haʔum haːtʔum
fish stem #stem #long
ghost affix zero -yuːḥ
ghost lexeme č̓iḥaː č̓iḥyuːḥ
ghost stem #stem #long
highborn child affix zero <t>
highborn child lexeme ʔasma ʔatʔaːsma
highborn child stem #stem #redup-long
house affix zero zero
house lexeme maḥt̓iː maːmaḥt̓iː
house stem #stem #long_redup
loon affix zero -m̓inḥ
loon lexeme ʔaːma ʔaːmam̓inḥ
loon stem #stem #stem
man affix zero -iːḥ
man lexeme čakup čaːkupiːḥ
man stem #stem #long
song affix zero zero
song lexeme nuːk nuːknuːk
song stem #stem #full_redup
torch affix zero zero
torch lexeme hič̓aqtɬ hithič̓aqtɬ
torch stem #stem #redup
tribe affix zero <t>
tribe lexeme maʔas maːtʔmaːs
tribe stem #stem #long_redup

Nuuchahnulth notes

  • Davidson (2002: 206) writes that -m̓inḥ is "the only fully productive plural marker, [which] attaches with equal ease to verbs and nominals". Many of the other plural formations involve reduplication, of which there are various types: (i) full reduplication, (ii) CV-reduplication, (iii) CV-reduplication with lengthening of the stem vowel, (iv) CV-reduplication with lengthening of the reduplicated portion.


Davidson, Matthew. 2002. Studies in southern Wakashan (Nootkan) grammar. PhD thesis, State University of New York at Buffalo.