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Pomo notes

Pomoan inflection appears in general to be quite regular. Those irregularities that do occur are more of a lexical or derivational nature. For example, Walker (2013) makes reference to various verb stems whose behaviour is irregular when combined with various derivational (e.g. directional or locational) markers, and kinterms may show suppletion related to the possessor person:

McLendon notes that Eastern Pomo uses suppletion together with prefixation to distinguish between ego's parent versus a second or third person‖s parent (1975: 115). The suppletive forms of Southern Pomo, however, do not seem to serve the same function. The two roots for 'mother' are distributed as follows: the root -č'e- is restricted to first-person-possessed forms and the formal vocative; -ṭʰe- is found in all other situations. The suppletive forms for father, however, are not distributed along the same lines: -ʔe- is restricted to secondperson- possessed forms and third-person-coreferential-possessed forms; -me- is restricted to first-person-possessed forms and third-person-possessed forms. (Walker 2013: 199f)


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